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The Technology Playground of Tucson - Tech Parks Arizona

stewart_1020TrendReport-1.pngWith over 25 years of success in the books, Tech Parks Arizona has adapted over the years to accommodate for change and new opportunities. This rich history of adaptability combined with the new leadership directing the Tech Parks has brought about new strategies. Unconventional approaches have led to today’s technological pivot. Tech Parks Arizona has reimaged our communities of innovation and we are laser-focused on creating purpose-built environments. These interconnected spaces are designed and constructed intentionally to bring together all elements necessary for business success. 

The UA Tech Park at Rita Road serves as a home to nearly 60 companies, both early-stage and tech giants work side by side here at this technology playground. The two million square feet of developed space here incorporate office, lab, and R&D space into the perfect platform for businesses to scale rapidly and adjust based on business demands. The unique mix of corporate real estate includes Class A office space, high bay ceilings, loading docks, as well as wet and dry labs and access to shared lab equipment including 3D printing and a prototyping center.  Businesses that call the Park home, have the versatility to customize their own space specifically to suit their needs, all while benefiting from the common amenities and security of locating within a well-established university-related business park.

 The Park’s offerings extend beyond bricks and mortar boundaries to providing customized business development support. The team has developed a purpose-built environment where researchers and students can work collaboratively with businesses.  The most unique value proposition is its deep connectedness to the University of Arizona.  Businesses that locate at the Tech Park are immediately plugged into the collaboration and resources of the University of Arizona, a Research 1 university with a collective of research experts and a robust talent pipeline. Listed in the top 100 of the 2021 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges list, UArizona is a research leader in fields such as water resource management, space and defense, mining technology, biotechnology, and optical sciences.

By bringing together all the aspects of turn-key ready business operation and interconnecting the working world with the quality of life factors, the traditional business office space is transforming into a habitat where one can live, learn, work, play and stay.  This purpose-built environment inspires innovation and fosters technological advancements which have the power to change the world.

The new Refinery building at the UA Tech Park at The Bridges is a great example of how this type of building provides the interface. This four-story, 120,000 square-foot office building is under construction by the Boyer Company and will serve as an innovation and commercialization hub anchored by UArizona providing the ideal platform for technology advancements and business growth. Activities include the University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation (UAARC); the new offices for Tech Launch Arizona, the University’s technology commercialization arm; an incubator outpost, and programming through the University of Arizona Center for Innovation; plus innovation space for students and faculty. The new building is on track to open in the fall of 2021 and is currently seeking additional tenants.  

The UA Tech Park at The Bridges is part of "The Bridges," a large 350-acre multi-use development that includes residential and retail development with 65 acres in central Tucson, this location is prime real estate to establish your business and link directly to the assets of the University of Arizona.  The site is located within an Opportunity Zone and long-term plans call for 1.8 million square feet of developed office and laboratory space that could support roughly 7,000 to 10,000 employees on-site, given the planned urban density.

The University of Arizona leaders have reimagined what the workspace looks like for public and private partnerships. We are taking the approach to intentionally build each environment through the perspective of the user.  We see the new workspace as very flexible. This allows us to purpose-build environments that rapidly evolve based on users’ needs. By providing unique types of office space that cover a wide range such as drop-in desk space, to collaborative brainstorming space, innovators have a place where they can respond rapidly while enjoying coffee all within the same space.

Learn more about the benefits businesses receive by uniting with the University of Arizona through technology playgrounds like Tech Parks Arizona. We are passionate about supporting the success of all companies, startups to tech giants. Tech Parks Arizona is your destination if you seek a sense of community for your organization to thrive. At “Technology’s Best Address”, every aspect needed to build your success is anticipated and tended to. To learn more about available space and locating at Tech Parks Arizona, contact Kevin Gullette at (702) 449-2650 or


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