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Banking Industry Outlook

In 2020, a study was conducted of nearly 100 community bank and credit union professionals throughout the United States about the challenges they routinely face. As part of the study, the interviewees were asked about how their financial institution dealt with COVID-19. This study captured a unique snapshot in time during July and August 2020 timeframe. This was when many of these financial institutions were making active adjustments to their operations.  
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Tucson is Transforming the Transportation Industry

Tucson is an emerging transportation technology hub. This hub brings together academia, government, and industry to build on the region’s capabilities. Through this collaboration, Tucson is gaining recognition as a Center of Excellence in the field.
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¡Bienvenido a Tucson!

Tucson, Arizona lies just 100 kilometers from Mexico. We're situated at the crossroads of major international trade corridors—and we've been doing business with Mexico for centuries.
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The Stages of Product Development and Testing

To stay competitive, technology businesses must continually evolve and advance their technology by developing new products and launching tried-and-true products into the international marketplace. Companies cycle through a series of steps to refine and advance their products and launch them into the market place.
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How to Choose the Best Location for International Market Access In North America

The growth potential of the North American market, due to proximity of customers, can be a huge draw for international companies seeking growth opportunities. Both large and small companies, launch a U.S.-based outposts every year in order to gain a foothold within the North American marketplace.
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The Important Questions to Ask When Picking a Key Manufacturing Location

Companies that are at the decision point for selecting a location to manufacture their product have a number of factors to consider, and, for small or medium companies, conducting an international site selection process can be even more complex. What are these factors and how can a company find reliable information to satisfy their queries?
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Southern Arizona For Tech Companies

An ideal location should be affordable, provide access to talent and have a thriving local market with connectivity to other domestic and international markets. Reduce the risk when choosing the right location for your tech company:  Southern Arizona provides the ideal location for your business.
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Assistance in Business Expansion

Companies seeking to expand their business need a variety of services in order to accomplish their goals. For many companies these goals are not easily attainable without assistance from other sources; this is where establishing a partnership or alliance becomes a benefit.
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Solar Zone

As the world moves to adapt renewable energy technology, Southern Arizona is positioned to become a world leader in solar energy.   
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