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UA Tech Park at The Bridges

The Bridges is Tech Parks Arizona’s newest offering! The site is home to a dynamic community of technology companies and fits alongside the high-quality retail, commercial and residential development that already exist in the area. Together, they create a live-work-play-learn environment that is one of the region’s most innovative and exciting developments. Learn more

The 65 acres designated as UA Tech Park at The Bridges is part of larger 350-acre multi-use development known as ‘The Bridges’ which includes residential and retail development in central Tucson, this location is prime real estate to establish your business and link directly to the assets of the University of Arizona. The site is located within an Opportunity Zone and long-term plans call for 1.2 million square feet of developed office and laboratory space that could support approximately 5,000 knowledge workers on-site, given the planned urban density.

To learn more about UA Tech Park at The Bridges including leasing opportunities contact us.


The Refinery

The Refinery sunset (3).jpg

The first building in the UA Tech Park at The Bridges opened in early 2022. The building's name emphasizes its proximity to the talent and sharp minds that can be mined from the University of Arizona. This unique opportunity allows leading-edge technology companies to recruit the best and brightest, which in turn provides graduates with engaging employment and students with hands-on internships.

This four-story, 120,000 square-foot office building was constructed by the Boyer Company in close coordination with Tech Parks Arizona. It's a place where businesses and organizations looking to co-locate with the University of Arizona’s expertise are provided with the ideal platform for technology advancements and business growth.

Tenants include:

  • University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation (UAARC);
  • Tech Launch Arizona
  • University of Arizona Online, Distance and Continuing Education
  • University of Arizona College of Applied Technology
  • University of Arizona Research, Innovation, and Impact
  • Raytheon Missiles and Defense


The Mission Integration Lab

Mission integration lab - outside of building.jpg

The University of Arizona Mission Integration Lab (MIL) opened in December 2022 in the UA Tech Park at The Bridges, marking the second building constructed in the park. Located at the edge of the park, the lab was built to accommodate balloon-borne astronomy. Balloon-borne missions fill an important niche between ground-based observatories and space telescopes, providing an ideal way to deploy telescopes and other instruments to altitudes where they experience less interference from the Earth's atmosphere.

MIL is located just three miles south of the UArizona main campus. The building comprises a tall, hangar-like “high bay,” where researchers and students can work on instruments, telescopes and high-altitude balloon technology. The facility will make UArizona even more competitive for top-dollar research missions such as NASA’s Long Duration Balloon flight missions.


Arizona Public Media 


Arizona Public Media broke ground on the Paul & Alice Baker Center for Public Media, a new, state-of-the-art facility January 23, 2024. Located within the University of Arizona Tech Park at the Bridges, the building will feature upgraded production and broadcast technology, improved community engagement spaces and new opportunities for increased original local content for and about Southern Arizona.

Arizona Public Media is currently located in the basement and sub-basement of UArizona's Modern Languages Building, and currently operates three television programs, four radio programs and a growing array of digital services, in addition to producing a variety of original local productions. The Paul & Alice Baker Center for Public Media will allow AZPM to better serve ever-changing community needs and interests, support the education and training of UArizona students, improve visibility and community access, and provide a sense of place for AZPM in the community.  

The 61,500-square-foot building is designed specifically to meet current and future technical and broadcast requirements, including the replacement of much of AZPM's aging radio and television broadcast production infrastructure as it transitions television operations to 4K High Dynamic Range production and in preparation for the conversion to a new television broadcast standard.

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