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New Solar Technology Deployed at the UA Tech Park’s Solar Zone Gains Momentum

(Tucson, Arizona) The University of Arizona Science and Technology Park (UA Tech Park) and Cogenra Solar are pleased to announce the Park’s first hybrid, solar power project, which will offset the Park’s energy consumption and reduce costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Cogenra has designed, constructed and installed its hybrid system on the roof of Building 9070 at the UA Tech Park. The system delivers a total of 227 kilowatts of solar energy (191 kW thermal and 36 kW electric) to the 70,547 square foot building. Tucson Electric Power’s Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program purchased the renewable energy credits to be produced from the system, greatly enhancing the construction and  permanent financing for the project. 

The project – which is now fully operational – works by using thermal energy generated from this hybrid solar installation for air-conditioning in Building 9070, a multenant commercial facility. The electricity produced serves the building’s lighting and other electrical needs. This is the Tech Park Solar Zone’s first rooftop project, which produces electric power that will directly serve the building’s lighting and other electrical needs. The Cogenra system complements Tucson Electric Power’s 21 MW multi-technology, utility-scale-facility, also located in the Solar Zone, which feeds electric power directly into the electric grid.    
“The solar industry is evolving with a significant focus on developing next generation technologies. The Cogenra project is a great example of how to make a green technology ‘greener’. By capturing the heat generated and directing it for use in energy production,” states Bruce Wright, Associate Vice President for University Research Parks.        
Last year, the UA Tech Park entered into a partnership with Cogenra to support and advance its new hybrid solar technology. Cogenra’s pioneering solar cogeneration system combines photovoltaic and solar thermal generation into a single array. Showcasing and deploying this new, clean energy technology has proven to be advantageous for both parties. The UA Tech Park is a unique environment dedicated to the transfer of technology from the laboratory to the marketplace, and the Cogenra installation is an excellent example of these types of cutting-edge technologies.    
Cogenra’s hybrid system is easily scalable and has significant potential to support regional economic development and jobs. Designed for local contract manufacturing, the Cogenra technology, combined with UA Tech Park contract manufacturing leadership, offers the potential for additional benefits, as well as an investment and deployment model for other communities. Local content for this project was a higher percentage than a typical Arizona solar project: the mirror component of the system was assembled in Arizona. WE O’Neil was responsible for system construction and used local subcontractors.        
Cogenra is gaining momentum and is on the forefront of the solar energy field. Building upon this successful partnership, there are plans to develop an additional project within the Solar Zone at the UA Tech Park.                    
About the UA Tech Park    

The UA Tech Park advances the University of Arizona’s research mission and its efforts at technology development and technology commercialization. The UA Tech Park contributes $2.4 billion annually to Pima County’s economy. It is one of the region’s largest employment centers hosting approximately 50 businesses and organizations that employ nearly 7,000 people. The UA Tech Park is also home to the Arizona Center for Innovation, a technology business incubator, and two educational institutions – UA South and Vail Academy and High School.

The UA Tech Park is dedicated to sustainable development and operations. The Park recycles all waste waterfor use on site. It has implemented a recycling program and is upgrading existing buildings to energy efficientoperations, which includes the installation of new automated controls for heating, cooling, and lighting.

The UA Tech Park has been nationally recognized as one of the premier university research parks in North America.    

About the Solar Zone    
Cogenra is among a growing cluster of solar companies located in the Solar Zone at the UA Tech Park. The Solar Zone, one of the leading centers for the testing, evaluation, demonstration and deployment of new solar technologies in the United States, was developed in partnership between the UA Tech Park and Tucson Electric Power.        
About Cogenra  

Cogenra Solar offers high-efficiency solar technology for distributed and utility applications. Cogenra’s  proprietary design combines the proven 35+ year lifetime of silicon PV, with concentrating optics and an  innovative thermal transfer system to capture the most solar energy at the lowest cost. Funded by Khosla Ventures and led by a team of seasoned executives and engineers, the company has developed or deployed projects with more than 30 commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Cogenra is located in Mountain View, California.     

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