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UACI Startup Companies Selected as Top Finalists for Venture Madness

The University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) is pleased to announce that two startups enrolled in the UACI program have been selected to take part in Venture Madness, an annual pitch competition presented by Invest Southwest in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority.  

Revolute Robotics and Sylvan Source have been selected as part of the top 25 most promising startups from the Arizona-based competition. For the first time since inception, Venture Madness was opened to companies nationwide and 120 applications were received. 

Both Revolute Robotics and Sylvan Source are startups selected in the Tech category. Both startups utilized UACI 27-point roadmap and have worked relentlessly to advance their business.  

Revolute Robotics introduces the first data collection robot capable of aerial and ground mobility. 

Sylvan Source provides industrial-municipal water treatment plants and thermal energy recovery systems with superior energy efficiency, fewer points of failure, and up to 50% lower CapEx and OpEx. 

Revolute Robotics and Sylvan Source along with the other 23 finalists will move on to the highly anticipated live conference held October 6-7, 2021 at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus downtown. At the live event, they’ll compete in head-to-head pitches in each category for a chance to win prizes and exposure. Venture Madness is open to early stage and emerging growth companies and offers exclusive access to the region’s most active, accredited angel investors and venture capital firms. All finalists also receive expert mentorship from seasoned investors, business leaders and other successful entrepreneurs in preparation for the competition. 

To learn more and get tickets to the live-demo event, please visit where you can also signup to be notified of event details.   


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About the UA Center for Innovation 

​The University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) is a startup incubator network with outposts across the Southern Arizona region. For nearly two decades, the program has directly served over 160 companies and impacted thousands of entrepreneurs. This is done through providing access to people, programming and places that help entrepreneurs take their companies from idea to market. Startups go through a structured program that takes them through a continuum of education provided by mentors, advisors and community collaborators. UACI also provides access to service providers, industry cluster groups, interns and connections to potential customers and strategic partners. Entrepreneurs utilize various physical spaces that include offices, wet and dry labs, meeting rooms, a prototyping center, collaboration areas and the infrastructure to support these spaces. The UACI is part of Tech Parks Arizona, which brings together university, industry and community, creating “interactive ground” to advance technology innovation.  

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