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Tech Park Welcomes New Global Advantage Businesses Cohort

Tech Parks Arizona introduced its first cohort of Global Advantage companies to Tucson and Southern Arizona during a February 2 event at the UA Tech Park.

Global Advantage (GA) is a strategic business development program designed to attract fast growth technology companies to the Arizona-Sonora Region.  The program was launched three years ago and targets companies in six technology sectors – advanced energy; aerospace, defense and security; arid land agriculture and water; health and biosciences; intelligent transportation systems and smart vehicles, and sustainable mining. The Global Advantage recruitment efforts have been directed to technology companies in the US, Canada, Finland, Germany, Israel and Mexico.

The Global Advantage Program provides companies a broad array of business development services through its “soft landing program.”

Tech Parks Arizona is assisted in its efforts by Global Advantage Partners, LLC, a consortium of Arizona and Sonora companies offering unique business development services.

In addition to announcing the first cohort of GA companies, Tech Parks Arizona and the Global Advantage Partners dedicated their new office suite in Building 9070 at the UA Tech Park.

Helping to welcome the new companies to Tucson were Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and other community and business leaders.


The GA companies include: 

Chakratec Ltd. is an Israeli renewable energy company that has developed a kinetic battery for commercial and industrial applications at the cost of chemical storage.  The disruptive flywheel technology has an array of innovative kinetic batteries at its heart, managed by a smart management system that allows maximum benefits by dynamically allocating storage resources.  Their new product line includes electric vehicle charging stations.

Cleveland Electric Labs is a United States company commercializing nanomaterials that “work” into macro-scaled solutions to problems facing the energy sector with applications towards advanced heat transfer fluids, filtration membranes, and composite materials.  They are working on a new line of fiber-optic based security sensors, which detect vibration and movement, and transmit data through glass fiber cables.

Power Panel is a United States technology design and manufacturing company that has developed breakthrough solar technology which maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity and hot water.  Their innovative plug and play system combines photovoltaic and thermal technologies into one module, yielding one of the highest panel efficiencies available on the market, along with a patented storage tank that delivers industry leading performance in a light, modular, and highly adaptable package.  They also have a new product line: modular systems for aquaponics, which combines soil-free hydroponic plant production with fish farming.

ProAutomation is an Hermosillo, Sonora‐based engineering services firm that develops industrial automation solutions. ProAutomation provides design, engineering, machining, fabrication, installation and service of industrial automation equipment and processes for clients in the automotive, aerospace, mining and food processing industries globally.


The Global Advantage Partners include:

CAID Industries – custom industrial fabrication and design manufacturing services

Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR – domestic and international real estate services

Farhang & Medcoff – legal assistance for international companies, including assistance with private placement investments

GPB Consulting & Coaching– international consultant and business coach

Intugo - offers a wide range of communication, information and technology services, helping clients stay competitive and focused on their core business.

Involta – information technology (IT) intelligence and end-to-end IT infrastructure, including fiber connectivity, managed services and co-location in enterprise-class tenant data centers

Tech Parks Arizona – research facilities, research partnerships, business assistance, product testing and demonstration

The Offshore Group – advanced manufacturing services with export and import management

Tucson Electric Power – energy services and utilities infrastructure with low cost, highly reliable power; focused R&D in energy generation, storage and grid management


Tech Parks Arizona creates the “Interactive Ground” that generates, attracts and retains technology companies and talent in alignment with the research, mission and goals of the University of Arizona (UA).  Tech Parks Arizona directs the UA Tech Park, the UA Tech Park at The Bridges and the Arizona Center for Innovation, placing the highest priority on recruiting companies desiring connectivity to the University of Arizona.

Tech Parks Arizona is part of Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), an office of integrated teams creating an ecosystem of invention and commercialization throughout Arizona and beyond.

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