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Successful Start-up Companies Graduate from Business Incubator

(Tucson, Arizona) The Office of University Research Parks is pleased to announce that four technology start-up companies have recently graduated from the Mentored Launch Program at the Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI). 

EquiSight combines embedded helmet camera technology, fixed cameras, and proprietary transmission services to heighten sports-viewing through a user interface developed by horse racing enthusiasts. EquiSight has 2 patents pending through the Unites States Patent & Trademark Office and was granted trademark registration.  EquiSight has recently partnered with IMTS, a military intelligence provider, to manufacture a state-of-the-art helmet cam for horse racing.  EquiSight has also produced over 100 HD Jockey Cam Videos (featured on ESPN and Breeders' Cup) and have been included in over 100 media stories.

Smartrek is a technology application that predicts vehicular traffic flows, using real-time traffic data and highly sophisticated prediction algorithms, and provides travelers with the clearest routes and the best departure to help alleviate traffic congestion and pollution citywide.  Metropia has launched its first traffic demand management product Smartrek.  Metropia is deploying products in the cities of Los Angeles, Phoenix, El Paso and Austin.  Smartrek has worked diligently to secure $1M+ in initial private financing and had been awarded several related projects totaling $2.5M after just one year of inception. Smartrek is scheduled to be up and running in five cities by the end of 2013, and 20 more cities in 2014.

YourLabs, LLC has developed Knowledge Evaluation System (KES) which is a next-generation assessment platform that puts real-time learning data into the hands of students and teachers anytime, anyplace, and on any device.  The company recently released KES to the education market and is growing its customer base through targeted marketing and word-of-mouth promotion.  In addition the company has hired a CEO and expects to hire an additional six people by year end.

Ufree LLC is developing an iPhone and Android application to help people experience valuable face-to-face interaction with their friends.  Ufree is a simple mobile application that is designed to solve the question, "Who is free to hang out right now?”   This application allows users to view their friends’ availability in real-time and also simplifies scheduling events by allowing users to plan a meeting based on their friend’s schedules.  The company recently launched its mobile application and was just named as one of five finalists for Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of 2013.

AzCI has worked closely with the founders of these start-ups to move their companies and technologies through the commercialization process and successfully launch their company.  AzCI provides a structured business development program called Mentored Launch to assists start-up companies by using a series of workshops, seminars and networking events.  The companies also receive individual coaching from mentors experienced in technology innovation, product development and business management.    AzCI is actively recruiting clients for the start of their 2013 Fall Mentored Launch Program.  For details on how to apply, please visit

The Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI) is a business incubator and innovation center that promotes and accelerates technology commercialization, helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful companies.  AzCI has served over 75 companies since inception in 2003.  AzCI is a component of the Office of University Research Parks which is part of the initiative Tech Launch Arizona – a new approach to managing the commercialization of technologies at the University of Arizona.  

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