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Staff Promotions and Appointments at Tech Parks Arizona

September 17, 2015

This week Tech Parks Arizona announced several staff promotions and appointments.

Patrick Murphy has been promoted to Director of Facilities, Construction and Planning for Tech Parks Arizona.  He directs the design, construction, and maintenance of all facilities, as well as planning, allocating, and tracking space requirements and allocations for the Tech Parks.  Murphy is responsible for developing engineering, maintenance and system policies and procedures.  His project management role includes supervising and coordinating work for all contractors.    

Jessa Turner has been promoted to Director of Communications for Tech Parks Arizona. Turner is responsible for the development of marketing materials, website, messaging and branding. Turner serves as the media liaison as well as the University of Arizona marketing interface for Tech Parks Arizona.

Edward James has been appointed Business Development Research Assistant.  Edward James is a recent University of Arizona graduate with a Bachelor in Science in Urban and Regional Development.  James is responsible for assisting with business recruitment and attraction for both the UA Tech Park and the UA Tech Park at The Bridges. 

Naomi Weiner has been appointed Project Coordinator for Global Advantage.  Weiner is responsible for the Tech Parks’ international business development outreach strategy known as Global Advantage. Weiner actively recruits international companies to the region by communicating how the Tech Parks offer businesses a competitive advantage and help connect them with the University of Arizona. Weiner is currently focusing her efforts on recruiting high-tech companies in Israel and Mexico.   

Kat Honeycutt has been appointed Bookkeeper and Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Park Director.  Honeycutt is responsible for scheduling, assisting with accounts receivables/payables, invoicing tenants, and other accounting tasks.

Tech Parks Arizona creates the interactive ground that generates, attracts and retains technology companies and talent in alignment with the research, mission and goals of the University of Arizona (UA).  Tech Parks Arizona directs the UA Tech Park, the UA Tech Park at The Bridges and the Arizona Center for Innovation, placing the highest priority on recruiting companies desiring connectivity to the University of Arizona. Tech Parks Arizona is part of Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), an office of integrated teams creating an ecosystem of invention and commercialization throughout Arizona and beyond.

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