JULY 2021

Applied Energetics Relocates HQ to

UA Tech Park

Longtime Tucson laser and directed-energy technology developer Applied Energetics Inc. has relocated its corporate headquarters to the University of Arizona Tech Park on South Rita Road. The strategic move to the Tech Park gives the company the ability to house their research, high-level manufacturing, and corporate operations all under the same roof. Greater than the physical space that the Tech Park houses, Applied Energetics Inc. will benefit from the connections with neighboring researchers and scientists in this ecosystem of innovation. Applied Energetics has a long-standing relationship with the University of Arizona Wyant College of Optical Science through faculty, graduate and undergraduate connections. Over the past several years they have employed two and four students per semester, equipping them with real-time, cutting-edge laboratory experience in the industrial sector. This provides students the opportunity to integrate what they are learning in classroom with hands-on experience.


Advancing Research

The University of Arizona Astronomy department acquired a Thermal Vacuum Chamber to add to the collection of university-wide core facilities, for researchers and UA affiliates to use. After it's 2,000+ mile journey across the country, this unique asset is currently housed at the UA Tech Park until it can be incorporated into the rising Applied Research Building which kicked off construction last month. The very large and valuable research instrument will simulate environmental space conditions thus advancing our work as a top research institution. 


The Refinery

Construction at The Refinery continues to advance, and the building is looking impressive. Earlier this month the University of Arizona block “A” was anchored onto the building, signifying another milestone completed in the development of the new UA Tech Park at The Bridges. As The Refinery construction works toward completion, interior designs are being finalized. The landscape architect is also working with the team to create an inviting environment with the outdoor scenery.    


Soft Landing, Strong Take-Off: ProAutomation

Mexico company proAutomation was founded in Hermosillo in 2008 and expanded into the USA in 2016. Taking advantage of the their strategic location, they decided to initiate the American dream with one office located at the UA Tech Park and the Global Advantage incubation and soft landings program of the UA Center for Innovation. This provided the ideal business support needed for their U.S. market entry.


Tucson Ranks in Top 20 in "America's Best Cities" Annual Report

Tucson placed in the Top 20 for “America’s Best Cities” in the Annual Report for 2021 by Resonance Consultancy. The report considers each city’s natural environment, key infrastructure, and attractions, culture, diversity and education, income and housing prices, references, among many other factors. The University of Arizona was heavily considered and played a big role in its rank. The report also highlighted the up-and-coming nature of the Tucson economy.  


Finance and Operations Team

Tech Parks Arizona’s financial team has been bustling this month to wrap up the end of the fiscal year. Their diligence and hard work have contributed to outstanding record-keeping and are a vital component to the success of Tech Parks Arizona. A big thank you to Ken Marcus, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Bernadette Franco, Director of Finance and Human Resources, and Kat Honeycutt, Accounting Associate for their exceptional work. 


Tenant Spotlight: Citi

UA Tech Park tenant, Citi, welcomed employees back to the office. They hosted an in-person event reuniting team members, where they connect again in real life. In-person conversations and warm smiles are key to improving the overall well-being of employees. Deep community connection are part of the culture and flourish in the workplace. 


People of the Park:

Emily Vo

Meet Emily Vo, a sophomore student attending the University of Texas. She is interning with the Tech Parks Arizona and UACI team over the summer and is working with each department to learn the many facets of a university-related tech park. She brings a strong work ethic and passion for learning to each project. As a welcomed member of the team, her assistance is a huge support.  


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