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Innovation Hubs Spark Business Creativity

Innovation hubs play a vital role in the economic landscape of the United States today, creating hospitable climates throughout the country where startups can find their footing and established companies can take ambitious steps forward.

Every innovation hub is different, but they share many key core characteristics. In particular, each innovation hub is a geographic area that brings together institutions with a heavy research and development component, such as high-tech companies, universities, and medical facilities, with capital, incubators, and startups.

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“Innovation hubs promote dynamic, supportive, and exciting environments for entrepreneurs and businesses,” said Mandi Mitchell, President and CEO of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority in Lafayette, LA.

The result is that tech giants and emerging businesses find themselves working side by side in fast-paced environments, said Carol Stewart, Vice President with Tech Parks Arizona at the University of Arizona in Tucson. A range of businesses and other organizations can thrive in these resulting “communities of innovation” that are rich with resources, expertise, networking, and support, she added.

Roland Peña, the Senior Vice President of global technology and innovation with the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and Opportunity Austin in Austin, TX, said creating and fostering an innovation hub helps unleash a region’s creativity and realize its potential for job creation and economic development.

“What can happen when you have this kind of dynamic—and what I’ve seen firsthand in Austin—is that you have entrepreneurs and investors and creators and other talent that come from all over the world,” Peña said. “And it begins to create a new dynamic in your community in terms of economic vitality, economic development, and innovation.”


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