APRIL 2022

Tech Launch Arizona Moves into The Refinery - UA Tech Park at The Bridges Officially Opens

Tech Launch Arizona, the commercialization arm of the University of Arizona, moved into The Refinery on April 18. The move signifies the official opening of the UA Tech Park at The Bridges. Starting with The Refinery, we are developing purpose-built environments that connect academia and industry in a place where innovation and entrepreneurship flourish, from concept to consumer. Tech Launch Arizona is the first entity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to build out that continuum of support services creating a hub for idea exploration, product development, and unique collaboration. Soon the UArizona Research, Innovation and Impact office will move in as well as an outpost of the UA Center for Innovation. Then this one space will be where we all support services are under one roof and provide the ability to fast-track innovative solutions that address our greatest challenges. This pathway will move inventions outward into Arizona and beyond to create real-world impact. Other activities joining The Refinery soon include the University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation and the University of Arizona Online.

The is also space available for businesses looking to closely connect with the University of Arizona.  The first building being built is named “The Refinery” because of its proximity to the talent and bright minds that can be mined from the University of Arizona allowing companies who locate here, to directly mine talent from the university campus just down the road. This unique opportunity allows leading-edge technology companies to recruit the best and brightest talent providing graduates with engaging employment and students with hands-on internships.


UACI at the Biosphere 2 Opens

The University of Arizona Center for Innovation expanded with a new incubator outpost at Biosphere 2, which is focused on supporting renewable energy startups. Entrepreneurs will use various physical spaces offered by Biosphere 2. UACI can now provide unmatched testing and demonstration opportunities to businesses across the globe. UACI at Biosphere 2 launched with four startups, all of which are going through UACI’s structured 27-point roadmap.


Motorcycle Training Concepts Moves to the Tech Park

Tech Parks Arizona is pleased to announce that Motorcycle Training Concepts chose the UA Tech Park for its headquarters to better connect with clients while enhancing their offerings. Businesses that move to the UA Tech Park are immediately plugged into the talent and expertise of the University of Arizona and work in a fast-paced environment of like-minded individuals. Motorcycle Training Concepts are on a mission to protect the lives of motorcycle riders and the community they live in. 


Charter 100 Professionals Visit The Park

We had the honor of hosting the elite CHARTER 100 AZ professional women here at the UA Tech Park off Rita Road. This invitation-only group includes leaders that are recognized as outstanding women in the community, including our own Carol Stewart. The group spent a lovely afternoon touring the campus, networking, and meeting startups while strolling through the UA Tech Park. 


Tucson Young Professionals Mixer at The Refinery

The Tucson Young Professionals (TYP) got to experience the newest UA Tech Park at The Bridges. The group of innovative minds were able to celebrate our space at The Refinery, the first building of the UA Tech Park with a networking mixer. TYP serves to build community connections, foster personal and professional growth and advocate for new ideas, perspectives, and policies that shape the future of our region. 


Arizona Ranked No. 4 for Pandemic Population Growth

Arizona is No. 4 for pandemic population growth. The great migration during the pandemic saw big cities and pricey states lose population, while suburbs and budget-friendly locales rolled out the welcome mat. Arizona saw its population grow significantly during the pandemic. 


Welcome, Iselda!

Iselda Mendez is the newest member of the UACI team! She is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years in inventory control, office management, and administration. Having held positions in the catalog mail-order, automobile, telemarketing/call center, and pharmaceutical industries, Iselda is able to tailor her skills to meet the specific needs of multiple clients. She is also our resident expert in event planning and an amazing manager of first impressions. We are excited to have Iselda as our Client Services Coordinator. 


UArizona APIDA Month

April marks UArizona's celebration of the Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American Heritages! Join us in honoring the hundreds of languages, traditions, and cultures that make America a brighter place. The University of Arizona's student associations and APA student council are putting on Culture Week this week, featuring and celebrating different cultures each day.


People of the Park:

Maxine Ehlers

Maxine Ehlers is one of the foodservice extraordinaries and has worked at the UA Tech Park for 22 years. Next week she starts a new chapter, semi-retirement. You will still see her smiling face at Cafe Zona, but she shared that her sewing room is ready for action, she is going to start a garden and looks forward to sleeping in! 



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