APRIL 2021

UA Tech Park is an Economic Powerhouse

The UA Tech Park is one of the region’s largest employment hubs with 75+ businesses and home to over 6,000 knowledge workers, making it an important economic driver for the region. Recruiting businesses that desire connectivity with the University of Arizona and provide high-value, high-wage jobs to the region is a top priority. The economic impact extends beyond Southern Arizona. The State of Arizona derived a total of $52.8 million of tax revenues from the UA Tech Park and tenants. In a recent report, the Park and its residents generated $2 billion of annual economic impact based on total direct, indirect, and induced economic activity. The economic impact of the UA Tech Park has grown annually for 25 years and is forecasted to produce an economic impact of approximately $108 billion over the next three decades.


Tenant Spotlight: Steward Observatory

University of Arizona Steward Observatory, in collaboration with Rincon Research, will use the 6.1 meter antenna for radio astronomy, as a satellite downlink and tracking station. The new antenna at UA Tech Park is one of six, with others located at Biosphere 2, Centennial Colorado and eventually Mt. Lemmon.


Women are Laying the Groundwork for a Brighter Future

The University of Arizona Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII) recently recognized women’s work, vision, and impact to STEM and who contribute greatly to the University of Arizona and our Southern Arizona communities. Tech Parks Arizona's Associate Vice President, Carol Stewart was featured in the article "Women are Laying the Groundwork for a Brighter Future" for her established reputation as a strong leader and her pioneering spirit.


Nurturing the Continuum

Site Selection Magazine interviewed UArizona President Robbins who provided an insight into why businesses choose Tucson. Simply put Eds and Meds are the foundation. The power of a land grant public research institution and the University’s strengths in medicine put it at the top of the list. But there is much more in terms of research specialties and industry collaboration. 


Applied Energetics

Longtime Tucson laser and directed-energy technology developer Applied Energetics Inc. is relocating its corporate headquarters to the University of Arizona Tech Park on South Rita Road. The company said the move, expected to take place over the next two months, will support future growth with greater capacity for research, product development and production. Applied Energetics has had its corporate headquarters on West Ruthrauff Road and technical facilities on the south side and plans to consolidate those functions at the UA Tech Park. 


Women Are Upping Arizona’s Tech Game

Arizona has as emerged as a particular hotspot for tech companies and startups. These companies have and continue to provide inclusive environments that allow women to thrive across varied tech subsectors. Arizona’s tech leaders, like Carol Stewart, are championing this cause. In 2019, the “Women of the UA Tech Park” program began when an initial group of 25 women were selected for their noteworthy contributions to the park and their peers. In 2020, the original cohort then nominated another 25 of their female peers. The same pattern is expected to continue for years to come, creating a wide network of female talent and mentorship opportunities within one of Arizona’s most innovative tech ecosystems.


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