Tech Parks Arizona creates interactive ground, which generates, attracts and supports technology companies and talent in alignment with the goals of the University of Arizona.

What can we do to ensure a prosperous future for the next generation? Engage the youth and prepare them to enter the workforce by stirring their passion and helping them to develop skills that will propel them into success. That is why Tech Parks Arizona launched the Racing the Sun program over seven years ago. Racing the Sun challenges students apply math, science, business, engineering, and technology skills in a fun, real-world environment. By designing and building a solar go-kart over the course of a year, participants not only learn critical skills, they are introduced to several career paths. Come cheer on 17 high school student teams from across Arizona as they race their solar-powered go-kart. Race day is May 5 at Musselman Honda Circuit and starts at 11:30am.

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Startup Licenses UA Dual-View Probe for Medical Endoscopy

Inventors at the University of Arizona (UA) have formed a startup, Omniscient LLC, and licensed a technology from the University through Tech Launch Arizona. Omniscient will commercialize a new endoscopic device that provides views that are not possible with current endoscopes. 

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Interactive Ground

What drives technology forward? Innovation flourishes in dynamic communities where innovators and business leaders meet and where emerging companies and technology giants work side by side. Tech Parks Arizona develops the atmosphere for success through "Interactive Ground" which connects the University, community and industry, creating an environment in which companies can innovate, grow and succeed.     

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Kids at Work in the Park

On Thursday, April 26, Ascensus hosted children ages 9-15 for Take Your Child to Work Day at their Tech Park office in Tucson. The children participated in games and exercises designed to help them learn skills that are applicable in a business environment. The day was mixed with fun and though provoking conversation related to saving for retirement.

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Innovative Minds

Arizona Center for Innovation is hosting an event titled "Innovative Minds Challenge - from Idea to Market" on May 23. Attendees have the opportunity to see the complete spectrum how a business concept starts as an idea and is translated into a product or service in the market. Come and watch UA students pitch their business ideas, compete for business funding and support services awards and then see the startup showcase where local startups demonstrate their technology and showcase their specific market entry strategy.

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Emergency Readiness

Ken Marcus of Tech Parks Arizona and Marc Flynn of Jacobs recently hosted a table-top emergency practice drill at the UA Tech Park. The drill tested the emergency readiness plan and was well attended by local law enforcement, emergency responders, Park Security, and major Park tenants. The practice drill was informative and helped make the emergency response communication plans better.

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Pop-up Party at the Park

Tech Cats from across the campus enjoyed a pop-up party in the Park on April 25. Tech Cats from companies across the Tech Park came together after work for some good music, food, games and engaging conversations. The event was a great success and helps to establish a broader sense of community.

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Arizona Center for Innovation client company NANOPEC is excited to announce the completion of its MetaPorex(TM) ceramic filter product line. The company focuses on nano-porous ceramic devices and associated technologies and is ready to take orders for its first customers as early as May. Unlike paper and nylon-filters, in the micro-range, MetaPorex(TM) ceramic filters have significantly smaller and uniform pore diameters, measured in nanometers.

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Vail Boxer Bots

Vail Academy and High School which is located at the UA Tech Park, has one of the top robotics teams in the state of Arizona. The team, Vail Boxer Bots, has rapidly advanced by winning several robotic competitions. The Boxer Bots are now going to the world competition for high schoolers. The Boxer Bots enjoy a unique partnership with the UA Tech Park. Beyond monetary contributions, the UA Tech Park supports the team with parts and mentors.

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Elisa Lopez

Elisa Lopez is a Fine Arts and Eller College of Management honor student. She is minoring in Marketing and French and plans to graduate in May 2018. She is a member of the Advertising Club at the University of Arizona. For her internship project, she is developing a social media strategy for Tech Parks Arizona.

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